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Diplomats’ Challenge 2014 – Raffles Country Club Lake Course 17th Nov

Press Club talk on US political landscape & year ahead by Jonathan Capehart at 12nn on Thurs 11 Dec at SPH News Centre

Press Club talk on “Accountability Journalism in the Digital Era” by Sheila Coronel at 12.30pm on Tues 2 Dec at MediaCorp

Press Ball 2014

Diplomats Challenge 3rd Quarter, Nov 17, Raffles Country Club, Lake Course

Press Club talk on Drone Journalism @ Wed 29 Oct in SPH News Centre Auditorium

Press Ball 2014

Press Club updates on coming events

SPC-CIMB Golf Classic – Another fun event, the weather notwithstanding!

Press Club Artistic Outings – 11 Sep and 28-31 Aug