Welcome to Singapore Press Club Golf League. The League among golfing club members was launched at our 2012 tournament on 23 August. We plan to have bi-monthly events, including a regional trip. If you still have not signed up to join the Golf League, you can still do so and take part.








Modified System 36″ format for the Press Club Golf League

  1. The league will be played over the course of 12 months starting from the 2012 Press Club annual tournament on 23 August, 2012. followed by an estimated 6 rounds of play locally or overseas.
  2. To compete in the league, a Golf League member must play at least four rounds. The best four scores will be used to compute his or her total Stableford points for the year.
  3. The Modified System 36 system will use, for each round, either the System 36 handicap for that round or the player’s declared official handicap, adjusted for the course, whichever is the lower. The Stableford score will then be computed using the lower of the two.
  4. For overseas golfing trips, each player’s average Stableford score for that trip will be included in the golf league scores. (Note: The same Modified System 36 will be used for future Press Club overseas trips, starting from the Kota Kinabalu trip in Nov.)
  5. The winner of the 2012/13 Singapore Press Club Golf League will be the player with the highest total Stableford score, using his or her best four rounds.